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On this page I provide transcriptions of solos and/or songs for you to download for free!
If you like the PDF and find it helpful, I would be very happy if you donate a small amount.
(Just click on the yellow donation button and enter an amount of your choice.

Or, for a fee of 10 Euros, I'll be happy to send you the Guitar-Pro file to play along with, edit, slow down, etc. I will donate half of the money to Musicians without Borders.

Musicians without Borders is a worldwide network of creative music projects to bring people closer together and to give them access to music regardless of their situation in life.

Here is some information about it:

For the Guitar Pro File just write a short message to me!

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Transcription of Django Reinhardt's Solo on Coquette

(London 31.01.46)

For download press on PDF button!

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